All of you who deny your thin privilege can take this seat that I’ve got pulled out for you.


But it’s only one seat.

And you all have to try to fit in that one seat. 

And if you can’t fit? Sorry. I’m not getting another seat. Sit in that one. It’ll be uncomfortable. It’ll hurt. It’ll probably leave you with bruises, and people will know where they’ve come from. Your privilege takes up a lot of fucking space afterall. 

I should make you more privilege-checking seats so you’re not uncomfortably sitting in one seat? Sorry, fat people are lazy. 

I should stop laughing at the fact that you’re so upset about posts on thin privilege? Sorry, fat people are jolly!

I should stop talking about the oppression of fat people? Sorry, fat people are undisciplined and I dunno how to keep my big fat mouth shut. 

I should make thin privilege easier for you to understand so that I’m not ~*~reverse discriminating~*~* against you? Sorry, fat people are greedy, and I’d rather blog about the importance of fat acceptance than you. 


You can either accept the fact that your struggles in your life are because of your fat body, or you can continue to drag a different body-type that you hate simply because it’s celebrated into this argument. I was born thin, I apologize for existing and needing a size 2, making your clothes more expensive. What do you want me to do, kill myself? Would that make your sweater cost less?

I’m not going to apologize or kiss your feet because I’m thin (apparently that makes your life so hard), and because you think I have privilege. My body type is not your business.

Most importantly, though, why are you bitching about the thin people who are angry about this shit when you’re the one dragging them into it by blaming YOUR FAT ISSUES on our body-type existing?

You really don’t make any sense. Stop trying to make yourself feel better by having someone to blame for your FAT-INDUCED STRUGGLES.

Thank you, have a nice fucking day.

escapekansas-deactivated2012082 asked:
Firstly: That shit you said was super sexist. Secondly: The women aren't crying about shit. They're pointing out things that men have an unfair advantage in. That's needed to stop sexism. Thirdly: You're crying out about women pointing out their privilege. You big cry baby. But I guess you can since you have a penis. Fourthly: I don't have a vagina. Fifthly: You're a sexist douche-canoe. Go fuck yourself.

When will people realize that I’m seriously not a man?

Also, pointing out those things isn’t going to stop sexism, it’s just going to make them look like crybabies.

So pretty much, you were entirely wrong all through this ask. Have a good day!

Anonymous asked:
Eat my cunt <3

I actually am going to decline that offer, thank you though!

Anonymous asked:

Oh, definitely.

mediocre-maus asked:
or for not understanding. While I agree that a place to vent and complain is necessary, I feel like they’re prejudicing all men. Saying all men, sorry, all cis-men are scum. (‘cause lord knows, all cis-scum need to die) What I’m getting at is I respect you for what you did. That mod was behaving like a child and I have no idea why any free thinking person would support them for doing so. Kudos to you, stranger. --Charmz

Thank you so much for the support, I really do appreciate it. <3

Anonymous asked:
Just because someone is anon doesn't make what they say any less true. You're looking for excused to be terrible.

Anybody who sends me an ask on anon gives me the right to laugh at them and call them a coward, because that’s what they are.

Kind of like you!

Anonymous asked:
Just because life currently isn't and likely will not ever be fair within our lifetimes (or possibly at all) doesn't mean we shouldn't be working to make it fair.

A small group of angry women isn’t going to change anything.

And before you say I’m sexist, I’ll add that a small group of angry men would change nothing as well. :)

If I decided to kill myself over this, there’d be quite a few of you getting arrested for death threats.

Just saying. :)

witchpunk asked:
Hi, there. Could you please explain what it is about male privilege you don't believe in? Statistically, it exists. I'm sure you've been pointed in the direction of the "{White} Women Make 77 cents to a Man's dollar", less so for WoC. Acknowledging male privilege doesn't mean acknowledging that either sex is "bad" or inferior...just acknowledging a persisting problem. As I've been told, privilege is not something to be ashamed of, but aware of. :)

It’s not that I don’t believe it it, because I do to an extent.

I don’t see the point in making an entire blog that is used for complaining about how men have it easy. That’s what I’m getting at, because it makes no sense. There are many posts on there submitted that seem to put men down or try to shame them for things they can’t help. It makes women look weak in my eyes, and I don’t understand it.

I also don’t understand why the creator of that blog couldn’t reply with something more intelligent than she did, as well. I sent her a pleasant ask before that (asking the same thing, pretty much) which she never answered or asked. So she waited until she was the victim to give me a half assed answer of “You gonna cry now?”

queenofthewest asked:
many of the -isms - sexism and racism for example - are institutionalized and are products of an oppressive hierarchy. so yes, you cannot be sexist toward men just as you cannot be racist against someone who is white because of the very meanings of the words. aboutmaleprivilege isn't saying that ALL men are rapists and evil. it's just a blog to bring attention to the very real imbalance women face. maybe it's not as bad in a first world country for women, but it still exists and it is very real.

Well thank you for approaching me in a civil manner first of all.

Second, we’re gonna just have to agree to disagree. I apologize, but this is just how I feel about things.

Anonymous asked:
You need to check your internalized misogyny. You should really take a good hard look at that blog. Male privilege isn't about making women seem like victims, it's about making everyone aware that the playing field isn't level.


Nobody said life was fair, they really didn’t.

Anonymous asked:
Hi there, just countering the feminazi anons who don't seem to realise how idiotic they're being. I mean, seriously, it's like "OMG PEOPLE MAKE ME FEEL BAD, AND THEN TELL ME I'M WRONG, THIS IS A MORTAL SIN/OPPRESSION. NOW EXCUSE ME WHILE I GO AND TELL SOMEONE THEY'RE WRONG TO TRY TO MAKE THEM FEEL BAD. HYPOCRISY? WHAT'S THAT?", and it's stupid. I hope you're just laughing at them, and not really taking it to heart. May you live as long as you want, and never want as long as you live. :)

I’m laughing through the whole thing, don’t you worry. :)

0074016285 asked:
I personally enjoy all the "hate" messages. Gives me something to lul at. Looks like you've been having a go at that blog over on your own profile a few times. Lol I really can't stand that blog. At first when I reblogged all their posts arguing with them they made a post about me, but afterward they've been paying me no mind. Probably for the best, this way here I don't get blocked & can continue raging~

They’re seriously just so idiotic, I can’t deal with it.

Anonymous asked:
Let's see... heterosexism, cissexism... yep, you're full of it all.

Lets see… You’re on anon as well? Interesting that you can’t keep your name intact while defending what you believe.

capncaptain asked:
I read what you wrote. Internalized misogyny is hatred of women dealt out by women. Perhaps you need to take your own advice? Or perhaps learn some more vocabulary?